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Localbrag.co was born after countless frustration searching and looking for the best professional service in your local area. We knew there has to be a better way. But there wasn’t, so we sat down and build it.

At Localbrag.co we've made it our mission to simplify local services—especially the up-front research before a project even starts. As customers, we were frustrated with the time and effort it took to figure out how much a project would cost, find local services professionals with the right qualifications and work ethic, and dealing with the hassle of back-and-forth phone calls, scheduling, and getting the work done.

So we set out to create an experience that would make it easier for local service providers to price projects, find professional, and check things off their to-do lists.

Our Team




Akeem is a serial (and sometimes parallel) entrepreneur and technologist. He takes ideas and turns them into products at an astounding pace. Through his work in the creation of three startup companies, he's taken companies from inception to scale and from private to acquisition.

He has over a decade of experience building companies, assembling great teams, and creating quality products. When he's not at his computer he enjoys playing soccer and hiking. Akeem has a degree in Applied Economics from University of San Francisco


Stuart Pickard


Stuart is an entrepreneurial builder and leader of technology-centric vendor companies, with over three decades of applied industry experience.

He specializes in strategic Business and Partnership Development, concept productization, brand building and the forming of tremendously productive sales channels.

Through his ongoing research and extensive network of contacts, he remains both connected and ahead of the curve, in terms of new business opportunities, emerging technologies, advanced methodologies and evolving industry trends.




Denise brings ten years of leadership experience in the technology and finance industries. As the VP of Business Development, Denise is responsible for growing and managing global sales and developing innovative strategies to help partners solve their toughest business challenges.

Denise has a proven track record of building deep business development and sales strategies and a solid eruption for increasing revenues and profitability in the technology finance space. She is also responsible for providing strategic partnerships with leading integrator and solution providers globally.

Prior to joining MoneyBrag.com, Denise created and led the Business Development department at the largest sunless tanning manufacturer in the world, Infinity Sun. As VP of Business Development, Denise generated growth for the company and fostered entrepreneurship through a variety of initiatives.

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